Why Equifax India

We focus on delivering our clients a robust and cost-effective solution every time


Why Equifax India?

It's our constant endeavor to create measurable value for our clients, and we are proud of our proven record on this front. The cornerstones of our ability to deliver this promise being,


Pedigree: hands-on line professionals

We were founded and are steered by seasoned professionals who have deep-rooted first-hand experience of business functions and hence can relate to and help solve business issues in the manner only front-line managers can.


Practice: purpose-built to deliver business value

We have a proven track record of delivering solutions that drive measurable improvements in business KPI's and P&L lines. Our Robust Delivery model mirrors the domain experience of the leadership team and is designed to ensure cost-effective engagements, solving the classical dichotomy of Speed vs. Quality.

We follow a robust data and technology practice that spans a variety of applications, varied core-banking and source systems. All our platforms have the capability of seamlessly integrating with existing infrastructure.


Participation: across the BI and Analytics value-chain

While we are engaged with a number of clients in developed economies, we specialize in emerging markets where database infrastructures are still evolving.

Our participation starts right from data extraction, validation and reconciliation, to building advanced propensity and forecasting models. We have extensive experience in "hooking up the hoses", to start a smooth information flow through a wide range of Plug-n-Play products and customized solutions.


People: Motivated and Right Skilled

At the risk of sounding clichéd, we truly believe that "Our people are our greatest strength and competitive advantage and Customer Excellence is an amplified reflection of Employee Excellence. Our culture and processes are consciously designed and refined on 3 values - Right-skilling, Being Trusted, and Empowerment.