Data Warehousing

We will help in consolidating data from various source systems and create an effecient data warehouse


Data Warehousing and Data Marts


Building an Efficient Data Infrastructure

In most business scenarios, there are a lot of offline databases which host critical information, along with the main transaction processing system. Therefore it is difficult and time consuming to build business MIS consolidating the data from various sources.

We will consolidate data from various sources and create a data warehouse which would do the following:

  • Standardize variables across the databases
  • Define business rules for creating and transforming variables
  • Consolidate information from all the sources to create a central repository
  • Create a multidimensional database for query and analysis
  • Consolidate historical data for doing any time series analysis and trends

After creating a data warehouse, function specific Datamarts would be created, viz., credit, marketing, sales etc. Since the data warehouse contains data across the business, size becomes a hindrance in running any query or doing any analysis. Function specific datamarts contain data only for that particular function reducing the size substantially and therefore analytic reports can be churned faster.

Multidimensional data cubes can be created with the help of the datamarts, which provide an opportunity for slicing and dicing the data on key dimensions for each function.