Credit Scoring

Credit Scorecards play a critical role in managing and predicting the risk levels of a portfolio


Credit Scoring


Optimizing all credit decisions through predictive models

Profitability of any portfolio can swing significantly with very small changes in risk levels. Consider the fact that for most portfolios only a small segment of customers contribute to large part of credit losses. At the same time all credit decisions should be aimed at maximizing and delivering an optimal level of revenue-risk trade off. Credit scorecards play a critical role in managing (and predicting) the risk levels of a portfolio by assessing the creditworthiness of a customer based on both demographic and behavior data.

We will use advanced decision sciences tools and combine that with your business rules to build credit scorecards that match your growth and risk appetite. We can develop scorecards across the stages of a customer life cycle, i.e. acquisition, account management, collections and recovery. These scorecards will help you in:

  • Reducing credit losses across customer life cycle
  • Automating underwriting decisions
  • Achieving optimal trade off between revenue and losses in the portfolio intervention strategies
  • Setting benchmark on losses and compare it with actual performance
  • Evaluating quality of your new book