Not just Single Customer View but High definition Customer interaction




Analytical CRM for Cross-sell and Up-sell

CustomerEye™ is more than a common CRM tool. It's a purpose-built product (originally developed for banks) designed to enhance customer contact experience and helping enterprises convert every customer touch-point into a revenue generating opportunity. The product is very malleable and can be adapted to varied business environments.

CustomerEye™ combines a simple, easy-to-navigate front-end interface along with a sophisticated analytical engine (XUE™) at the back-end to drive Cross-sell / Up-sell.

CustomerEye™ has been endorsed by users as,

  • Informative, 360° – provides relationship officers with comprehensive information about the   customer and his relationship with the enterprise.
  • Prescriptive – prompts relationship officers with specific cross-sell / up-sell opportunities.
  • Stimulating – has the capability to offer incentives to officers to aid closure of the prescriptive   prompt.
  • Measurable – has a background performance MI to track the success of every customer   interaction.


Key Benefits


Prescriptive cross-sell through XUE™

  • Proprietary analytical engine (XUE™) used to prompt cross-sell/up-sell of products and channels
  • In-built staff incentive module and roll-up MI to drive cross-sell productivity

360 Degree Customer View

Customer level information relevant to front line staff aggregated across:

  • Products
  • Transactional & Behavioural
  • Sales, Service and Collections