Get a turnkey solution for RBI Automated Data Flow through ComplEye




RBI ADF Reporting and Workflow Solution

With a view to ensuring accuracy and integrity of data flow from Banks, RBI has recently published a paper suggesting that Banks implement an automated data flow (a straight through process). This will ensure higher efficiency,accuracy and lower costs.

RBI has mandated banks to automate the process by identifying, extracting, validating and submitting necessary data points from source systems.

  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Integration and Storage
  • Data Conversion
  • Data Submission

Our unique approach for RBI ADF implementation combines a proprietary framework with hands on banking expertise and process consulting to ensure that you get a turnkey solution.


Key Benefits


  • A bank-specific data mart with a flexible reporting engine for internal and regulatory concerns
  • Facility for Extraction of reports at user level and submission to the approver
  • Manual gap data entry: To bridge the data gap
  • Audit trail facility to track and monitor access and usage of data
  • Historical data view: Useful during RBI audits and internal reviews
  • User access control matrix: To tightly control the access to the system at individual user level
  • Online Access log and alert for RBI pulling data from system: Know when RBI visits your system