CampaignPro offers an automated Campaign Management & Workflow Management




Campaign Management tool

CampaignPro™ is an online, automated workflow solution for campaign generation, roll-out and tracking. It has a user-friendly and logical interface and mirrors the organization workflow of campaign creation and approval. The modules of this are loosely coupled and hence very simple to edit business rules.

In a strict and punitive regulatory environment, CampaignPro™ provides relief from cumbersome manual processing and tracking and significantly reduces operation and reputation risk. Some key benefits:

  • Helps optimize customer exposure, and hence reduces response fatigue.
  • Regulatory or Sensitive mandates like Do-Not-Call, VIPs etc can be administered in an error-free manner.
  • Online audit trail is available for each campaign.
  • No limitations on the number of campaigns.


Key Benefits


Right-Engineered for Retail Banking

  • Custom-built for banks, by bankers
  • Data modules optimized to reflect on speed & performance
  • Permits further customization to suit specific needs

High Velocity and Economic Deployment

  • Ready to go live in 100 days
  • Domain experience & pre-built modules guarantee that economics remain attractive
  • Sales, Service and Collections

Integrated Analytics

  • Ready integration with offline marketing models
  • Ability to decide models on to go
  • Stratified/Random sampling for control groups using custom segmentation schemes

Comprehensive audit trail and Tracking

  • Comprehensive audit trail for all customer exclusions during campaign list generation.
  • Robust tracking module for Pre-post evaluation, response rate, ROI etc
  • Complete customer contact history