Hardwire Analytics into day to day decisions and stop spending valuable management time on reporting and reconciliation




Integrated Performance Management Dashboard

BusinessEye™ is an integrated, interactive, near real-time and personalized performance monitoring portal that facilitates smart and rapid decision making through agile data visualization and analysis.

In dynamic and demanding business environment, enterprises are very often faced with recurring challenges on data management crippling their ability to make timely and optimal decisions …typically,

  • Data islands - Due to multiple data sources, with little reconciliation
  • Flat Data - Presented at an aggregated level, with very little segmentation and hence not insightful
  • Manual Intervention (routine / adhoc) - Reporting involves a lot of manual intervention, and hence error-prone, issues of data latency
  • Inflexible Data Presentation - Standardized Data Presentation and hence poses difficulty in comprehension

BusinessEye™ has a proven record of aiding enterprises transition valuable man-hours from ‘Data Management' to ‘Decision Management'


Key Benefits


One Version of Truth with High Mobility

  • Data Reconciled across finance, business and risk
  • Data format agnostic - works with varied data sources, from core systems to offline spreadsheets
  • Supports multiple presentation formats - desktop's to PDAs

Personal and insightful visualization

  • Data presentation personalized to user profile
  • Visualization designed from first-hand line experience
  • On-the-fly drill-down for analysis
  • Admin-controlled access rights